Corpus of Historical Mapudungun

The Corpus of Historical Mapudungun is a digital, linguistically-tagged collection of many of the earliest writings in the Mapudungun language, spanning materials from 1606 to 1930. Also known as Mapuche, Mapudungun (ARN) is the ancestral tongue of the Mapuche people and is spoken today (to varying degrees) by an estimated 250,000 people in Chile and Argentina. To date, no clear family affiliation has been proposed for Mapudungun, so it is often treated as a language isolate.

The first stage of the CHM (Version 1.0) is the outcome of a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship awarded to Benjamin Molineaux at the University of Edinburgh’s Angus McIntosh Centre for Historical Linguistics, which ran from April 2018 to March 2021. The search capabilities of the corpus have all been developed by Vasilis Karaiskos.

Benjamín Molineaux
Benjamín Molineaux
Lecturer in Linguistics

I am a historical linguist, working on sounds, spellings, word structure and stress in Mapudungun and Older Scots.